LG C3 Series OLED Smart TV 2023



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Product Benefits – Stunning OLED evo display with vibrant colors and perfect black levels.
– AI-Powered 4K resolution for crystal-clear visuals.
– Built-in Alexa for convenient voice control.
– Immersive C 3.1.3ch soundbar for exceptional audio.
– Perfectly matches LG OLED C Series TVs.
– IMAX Enhanced for enhanced content clarity.
– Dolby Atmos support for cinematic audio.
– Generous 65-inch screen size for immersive viewing.
– 2023 model with the latest technology and smart features.
Product Features – OLED evo display technology.
– AI-Powered 4K resolution.
– Built-in Alexa voice control.
– C 3.1.3ch soundbar for superior audio.
– Compatibility with LG OLED C Series TVs.
– IMAX Enhanced certification.
– Dolby Atmos audio support.
– 65-inch screen size.
– 2023 model with up-to-date technology.
Manufacturing Information – Manufacturer: LG Electronics.
– Model: OLED65C3PUA.
– Year: 2023.
– Display Size: 65 inches.
– Display Technology: OLED evo.
– Audio: C 3.1.3ch soundbar with Dolby Atmos.
– Smart Features: Built-in Alexa, IMAX Enhanced.
– Resolution: 4K Ultra HD.
– Connectivity: Multiple HDMI and USB ports.
– Compatibility: Perfect match for LG OLED C Series TVs.



Introduction to LG C3 Series OLED TV:

The LG C3 Series OLED Smart TV 2023 represents the pinnacle of OLED TV technology. Offering a superior viewing experience.

OLED Display Technology:

This TV features OLED evo technology, which provides OLED TVs with stunning, vibrant colors, and perfect black levels for an unparalleled visual experience.

AI-Powered 4K Resolution:

With AI-powered 4K resolution, this OLED TV ensures that every detail of your favorite content, including movies, shows, and games, display with incredible clarity.

Built-in Alexa Voice Control:

Enjoy the convenience of Alexa built into your OLED TV. Allowing you to control your TV and connected devices with simple voice commands.

Immersive Sound with C 3.1.3ch Sound Bar:

The TV comes with a powerful C 3.1.3ch soundbar, enhancing your viewing experience with immersive audio. It’s the perfect companion for OLED TVs. Ensuring that the audio matches the exceptional visual quality.

Perfect Match for OLED C TV:

This TV design to perfect match for LG OLED C Series TVs. Ensuring seamless integration and a cohesive home entertainment setup.

IMAX Enhanced:

As an IMAX Enhanced TV, it delivers content with enhanced clarity and precision, bringing the IMAX experience to your living room.

Dolby Atmos Support:

Experience cinematic audio with Dolby Atmos support, providing three-dimensional sound that envelops you, making it ideal for watching movies and playing games on OLED TVs.

65-Inch Screen Size:

The generous 65-inch screen size provides an immersive and expansive viewing experience. Making it suitable for a wide range of content, from sports to OLED TV shows.

2023 Model:

As a 2023 model, this LG C3 Series OLED Smart TV 2023 incorporates the latest advancements in technology and smart features, ensuring that you stay up-to-date with the latest in OLED TVs.


The LG C3 Series OLED Smart TV 2023 is a cutting-edge OLED TV with AI-powered 4K resolution, Alexa integration, a powerful soundbar, and support for IMAX Enhanced and Dolby Atmos. Its 65-inch screen size and 2023 model status make it an ideal choice for anyone seeking the ultimate home entertainment experience with OLED TVs.




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