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Aspect Details
Benefits – Height & Angle Adjustable: Tailor your viewing angle for comfort.
– Thick Case Friendly: Securely accommodates devices with protective cases.
– Universal Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of devices (4-10 inches).
– Enhanced Ergonomics: Reduces neck strain and promotes better posture.
– Hands-Free Convenience: Perfect for video calls, reading, and multitasking.
– Travel-Friendly: Portable design ensures usability on the go.
– Stable Grip: Prevents slipping or toppling for worry-free usage.
– Versatile Usage: Ideal for mobile phones, iPhones, Switch, iPads, and tablets.
– Durable Construction: Quality materials ensure long-lasting performance.
– Personalized Experience: Adjust the stand to match your preferred viewing angle.
Manufacturing Info – Material: Crafted from sturdy materials for stability and durability.
– Manufacturing Precision: Engineered with precision to offer secure device support.
– Design Innovation: Accommodates thick cases and ensures universal compatibility.
– Quality Control: Rigorous testing to meet high standards of reliability and performance.
Product Features – Adjustable Height & Angle: Customize the stand to suit your preferred posture.
– Thick Case Compatibility: Holds devices securely even with protective cases.
– Universal Fit: Designed to support mobile phones, iPhones, Switch, iPads, and tablets (4-10 inches).
– Ergonomic Design: Enhances your posture and reduces strain during device use.
– Portable Convenience: Lightweight and travel-ready for versatile usage.
– Stability Focus: Engineered for a secure grip to prevent device slipping.
– Multifunctional: Ideal for various activities like video calls, reading, and browsing.
– Built to Last: Crafted from durable materials for long-term usability.
– Personalized Interaction: Adapt the stand to match your individual comfort level.

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Product Parameter:

LISEN Cell Phone Stand

Stand Type:

Height and Angle Adjustable Phone Stand for Desk


Designed for All Mobile Phones, iPhones, Switch, iPads, and Tablets (4-10 inches)

Case Compatibility:

Thick Case-Friendly Design

Adjustable Height and Angle:

Allows customization for comfortable viewing and ergonomic usage

Versatile Usage:

Suitable for phones, tablets, and other devices within the specified size range


Provides a secure base for your devices on a desk or tabletop

Convenient Accessibility:

Enables hands-free use for activities like video calls, browsing, and more

Portable Design:

Lightweight and easy to carry, ideal for both home and travel use

Universal Compatibility:

Compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and brands

Durable Build:

Crafted to ensure long-lasting reliability and stability

Practical Design:

Offers an optimal viewing angle for different tasks and scenarios

Easy Setup:

Quick and hassle-free installation for immediate use

Sleek Aesthetics:

Complements various devices and interior settings

Enhanced Ergonomics:

Aids in reducing neck strain and enhancing posture during usage

Quality Construction:

Manufactured to meet high-quality standards for customer satisfaction

Secure Grip:

Holds devices firmly in place to prevent slipping or falling


Suitable for work, entertainment, reading, and more

Size Range:

Accommodates devices with screen sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches


Available in a variety of colors to match personal preferences


Constructed from durable and reliable materials for stability and longevity

Please note that this condensed product parameter information is based on the details you provided about the LISEN Cell Phone Stand. If there are any additional specifications or changes, the content may need to be adjusted accordingly.


The LISEN Cell Phone Stand emerges as an indispensable accessory that seamlessly blends functionality with adaptability. With its height and angle adjustability, this stand caters to your ergonomic needs, ensuring a comfortable and personalized viewing experience. Its remarkable compatibility spans a spectrum of devices, accommodating mobile phones, iPhones, Switch, iPads, and tablets with screen sizes ranging from 4 to 10 inches.


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