Product Information;

Introducing Soinfo Smart Watches for Women, a collection of elegant and feature-packed timepieces designed specifically for women. These smartwatches offer a perfect blend of style, functionality, and advanced technology, making them the ultimate accessory for modern women. With their comprehensive health monitoring features, sport modes, and seamless connectivity, these smartwatches are the perfect companions for an active and connected lifestyle.

Key Features
Answer and Make Calls

Stay connected on the go with the answer and make-call feature of the Soinfo Smart Watches for Women. You can easily answer or make calls directly from your wrist, eliminating the need to reach for your smartphone. Stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, and friends, all with the convenience of a simple touch.

Full Touch Display

The Soinfo Smart Watches feature a full-touch display, allowing for intuitive and effortless navigation through menus, notifications, and apps. Interact with your smartwatch with just a swipe or a tap, making it easy to access the features and functionalities you need.

Blood Pressure, Sleep, and Heart Rate Monitoring

Take control of your health and well-being with the smartwatches’ comprehensive monitoring features. Keep track of your blood pressure, monitor your sleep patterns, and measure your heart rate accurately. These features provide valuable insights into your health, allowing you to make informed decisions and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

100 Sport Modes

Stay active and motivated with the 100 sports modes offered by the smartwatches. Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming, yoga, or any other physical activity, these Soinfo Smart Watches have you covered. Accurately track your workouts, set goals, and measure your progress to achieve your fitness aspirations.

Compatibility with Android and iOS Phones

The Soinfo Smart Watches for Women are compatible with both Android and iOS phones, ensuring seamless integration with your existing devices. Simply connect your smartwatch to your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy the convenience of synchronization and data sharing between devices.

Product Specifications

Display: Full touch display
Compatibility: Android and iOS phones
Battery Life: Varies depending on usage
Water Resistance: Water-resistant design
Health Monitoring: Blood pressure monitoring, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring
Sport Modes: 100+ sports modes
Connectivity: Bluetooth


The Soinfo Smart Watches for Women offers the perfect combination of style, functionality, and health monitoring features. With their answer-and-make-call functionality, full-touch display, comprehensive health monitoring capabilities, a wide range of sports modes, and compatibility with Android and iOS phones, these smartwatches cater to the needs and preferences of modern women. Stay connected, monitor your health, and achieve your fitness goals with style and confidence.



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