Smart Watches Under $100: Affordable and Feature-Rich Timepieces


Top Smart Watches Under $100: A Comprehensive Guide

Smartwatches have revolutionized the way we interact with our devices and track our health and fitness goals. With numerous brands and models available in the market, finding a smartwatch that offers a balance between functionality and affordability can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are several excellent options available for those looking for smartwatches under $100. In this article, we will explore some of the best affordable smartwatches and their features, making it easier for you to make an informed decision.

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Benefits of Smartwatches

Key Attributes to Consider in an Affordable Smartwatch

Top Smart watches Under $100

MILOUZ Smart Watch

Bemtava Smart Watch

Soinfo Smart Watches for Women




In the modern era of technology, smartwatches have evolved beyond their traditional purpose of simply telling time. They serve as an extension of our smartphones, allowing us to receive notifications, track our fitness activities, monitor our health, and even make calls right from our wrists. With advancements in technology, smartwatches have become more affordable, making them accessible to a wider audience.

Benefits of Smartwatches

Smart Watches Under $100, offer a multitude of benefits that enhance our daily lives. They provide convenience, accessibility, and a range of useful features. Some of the key advantages of using a smartwatch include:

Notifications at a Glance:

With a smartwatch, you can receive notifications for calls, messages, emails, and social media updates directly on your wrist, without needing to constantly check your smartphone.

Fitness Tracking:

A plethora of smartwatches now offer fitness-tracking capabilities, including step counting, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking. These functionalities allow you to stay motivated and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Personal Safety:

Some smartwatches offer safety features like SOS alerts and GPS tracking, providing peace of mind, especially during outdoor activities or emergencies.


Smartwatches often offer customizable watch faces, allowing you to personalize your device to match your style and preferences.

Improved Productivity:

Smartwatches can act as productivity tools, providing reminders, calendar notifications, and even voice assistants to help you stay organized and efficient throughout the day.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Smart Watches Under $100

When selecting a smart watch under $100, it’s essential to consider several factors to ensure you make the right choice. Here are some key considerations:


Ensure that the smart watch is compatible with your smartphone’s operating system, whether it be iOS or Android.


Look for a smartwatch with a clear and vibrant display, ensuring easy readability even in different lighting conditions.

Battery Life:

A long-lasting battery is crucial to avoid frequent charging. Consider a smartwatch that offers at least a day’s worth of battery life.

Fitness Features:

If fitness tracking is important to you, choose a smartwatch that offers accurate activity monitoring, heart rate tracking, and other relevant features.

Design and Comfort:

Consider the design, build quality, and comfort of the smartwatch, as you’ll be wearing it throughout the day.

Top Smart watches Under $100

Let’s explore three top-rated smart watches under $100 that offer excellent value for money:

MILOUZ Smart Watch

Bluetooth Call and Alexa Built-in

Stay connected on the go with the Bluetooth call feature of this MILOUZ  smart watch. Answer and make calls directly from your wrist, without needing to reach for your smartphone. Additionally, with Alexa built-in, you can access a wide range of voice-controlled features and services, allowing you to check the weather, set reminders, control smart home devices, and much more.

1.8-inch DIY Dial with Customization

Express your personal style with the 1.8-inch DIY dial feature. Customize the watch face according to your preferences, choosing from a variety of pre-installed designs or creating your own unique dial. This allows you to tailor the look of your smartwatch to match your mood and outfit effortlessly.

Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitor your health and well-being with the smartwatch’s blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring capabilities. Stay informed about your oxygen levels and heart rate, helping you understand your body’s performance during physical activities and ensuring you can take the necessary measures for a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep Tracking

Achieve better sleep patterns and improve your overall well-being with the MILOUZ  smart watch’s sleep-tracking feature. Monitor the duration and quality of your sleep, gaining insights into your sleep patterns, and receiving personalized recommendations for better sleep hygiene.

Bemtava Smart Watch

Smart-Watch-(Answer-Make Call)-1.9-Smartwatch-Fitness-Tracker-for-Android-and-iOS-Phones
Key Features
Answer and Make Calls

Stay connected wherever you are with the Bemtava Smart Watch Smart Watch’s call functionality. Answer and make calls directly from your wrist without needing to reach for your smartphone. Enjoy the convenience of staying connected on the go, whether you’re in a meeting, working out, or simply on the move.

1.9-inch Display and AI Voice Control

Experience a clear and vibrant display with the Smart Watch’s 1.9-inch touchscreen. Easily navigate through menus, notifications, and apps with intuitive touch controls. Additionally, take advantage of AI voice control, allowing you to control various functions of the smartwatch using voice commands, making it even more convenient to access features and services.

Heart Rate and Sleep Tracking

Monitor your health and well-being with the Smart Watch’s heart rate and sleep-tracking capabilities. Keep track of your heart rate during workouts and throughout the day to optimize your fitness routines. The sleep tracking feature provides valuable insights into your sleep patterns, helping you improve the quality and duration of your rest for enhanced overall well-being.

Multi-Sport Modes

Engage in various physical activities and track your performance with the Smart Watch’s multi-sport modes. No matter if you’re jogging, biking, swimming, or participating in any other athletic activities, this intelligent wristwatch provides precise monitoring and evaluation of your exercises. Set goals, monitor your progress, and achieve new milestones with confidence.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Stay informed about your oxygen levels with the Smart Watch’s blood oxygen monitoring feature. Monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels to ensure optimal health and performance. This functionality is particularly useful for those who engage in intense physical activities or live in high-altitude areas.

Soinfo Smart Watches for Women

Answer and Make Calls

Stay connected on the go with the answer and make-call feature of the Soinfo Smart Watches for Women. You can easily answer or make calls directly from your wrist, eliminating the need to reach for your smartphone. Stay connected with loved ones, colleagues, and friends, all with the convenience of a simple touch.

Full Touch Display

The Soinfo Smart Watches feature a full-touch display, allowing for intuitive and effortless navigation through menus, notifications, and apps. Interact with your smartwatch with just a swipe or a tap, making it easy to access the features and functionalities you need.

Blood Pressure, Sleep, and Heart Rate Monitoring

Take control of your health and well-being with the smartwatches’ comprehensive monitoring features. Keep track of your blood pressure, monitor your sleep patterns, and measure your heart rate accurately. These features provide valuable insights into your health, allowing you to make informed decisions and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

100 Sport Modes

Stay active and motivated with the 100 sports modes offered by the smartwatches. Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming, yoga, or any other physical activity, these Soinfo Smart Watches have you covered. Accurately track your workouts, set goals, and measure your progress to achieve your fitness aspirations.

Compatibility with Android and iOS Phones

The Soinfo Smart Watches for Women are compatible with both Android and iOS phones, ensuring seamless integration with your existing devices. Simply connect your smartwatch to your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy the convenience of synchronization and data sharing between devices.


In conclusion, smartwatches under $100 offer an affordable way to enjoy the convenience and functionality of wearable technology. With a range of features such as fitness tracking, notifications, and customization options, these budget-friendly timepieces provide a gateway into the world of smartwatches without breaking the bank. Consider your requirements, compare the available options, and choose a smartwatch that best suits your needs and style.


Can I make phone calls with a smartwatch under $100?

Yes, some budget smartwatches offer call functionality, allowing you to make and receive calls directly from your wrist.

Are budget smartwatches waterproof?

Waterproofing capabilities vary among different smartwatch models. Some budget smartwatches offer basic water resistance, but it’s important to check the specifications of the particular model you’re interested in.

Do budget smartwatches support third-party apps?

While budget smartwatches may have limited app support compared to high-end models, many offer compatibility with popular apps for fitness, music, and productivity.

How accurate is the heart rate monitoring on budget smartwatches?

Heart rate monitoring accuracy can vary among different smartwatches. It’s recommended to read reviews and consider well-known brands that prioritize accurate sensor technology.

Can I customize the watch face on a budget smartwatch?

Yes, most budget smartwatches offer a range of customizable watch faces to match your style and preferences.

Incorporating both affordability and functionality, smartwatches under $100 are an excellent option for individuals seeking a convenient and feature-rich wearable device. With careful consideration of your requirements and the available options, you can find a budget smartwatch that complements your lifestyle and provides an enhanced digital experience.

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